It all started in Montana

Motion Design Web Design

It all started at the University of Montana where I went to school for Motion Design and Animation. I fell in love with storytelling, which later served useful in telling client's stories on their website. I started working for Spectral Fusion Designs, a small on-campus shop, as a web designer. This picture has nothing to do with that, but I'm too embarrassed to post any related motion or web design pieces from 6 years ago. And yes, my dad shot that moose.

Moose head at my parents' house in Montana March 2008

Web Design Web Development

After designing a few websites, it was time to learn how to build them. My brain was satisfied, having discovered a wonderful blend of creative and logic. If both sides of my brain aren't being fed, it gets grumpy. My stomach works the same way.

Coding on a rooftop in NYC May 2010

Missoula Salt Lake City

After graduating with a B.A. in Media Arts - Digital Art and Design, it was time to step up my web design (and mountain biking) game and move to Salt Lake City to work for an advertising agency. I worked on internal projects as well as client sites. I crafted projects start to finish, from Photoshop to launch. I also made a lot of online advertising graphics. I'll always remember the ratios 250x250, 728x90, and 300x600. (If I could give Flash a black eye, I would.)

Mountains in Montana 2010

For-Profit Non-Profit

I found out about this non-profit called charity: water (they're the Nike of non-profits). I've always believed in using my skills and resources to make an impact, so this small-town Montana girl bought a one-way ticket to New York City and left her mountain bike and Subaru Outback in Montana.

My Subaru Outback with a Kayak on top 2012


I learned more in two years at charity: water and living in New York City than I had from my previous four. My skillset improved ten-fold, and I learned everything about beautiful design, SASS (praise God), coding HTML emails (table in tables in tables in tables), pixel perfection, and high-pressure campaign launches. NYC is filled with the best and brightest in all industries, so you can't live there without constantly improving (and walking alot). Read more about what I learned at charity: water.

Learning some Rails 2013

English French

Tiring of the city and looking for more creative opportunities, it was time to leave New York and take a few months trek to the South of France. Not a bad place to work on freelance projects (and drink, eat, repeat).

Drinking in France May 2014

East Coast West Coast

After experiencing the beautiful weather in France, I thought San Diego would be a good fit. Wanting to stay in the non-profit space, I started working for an agency called Fifty & Fifty that 'Engages the World in the Worthwhile'.

Static Wordpress

Fifty & Fifty and introduced me to client-managed content and digital craftsmanship. All of our sites are developed in WordPress so the clients can take ownership and not rely on us everytime they want to swap a stat. All this experience has equipped me with a perfect blend of design and development skills. Here are some of my latest projects: Silence the Growl // United Way Dallas // World Vision Artist Collective

SeaPort Village San Diego

Now Later

What's next? You tell me.
A couple weeks ago I asked my mom "When I was a kid, what did I want to be when I grew up?" This was her response. Hilarious, yes. Mildy inappropriate, that too.

You liked to play with balls

I LOVED sports. I grew up in a small town where there wasn't anything else to do. I played basketball, volleyball, or softball year round. Even today, if it's a competition, I want to play.

Go ahead, stalk me.