It all started in Montana

Motion Design Web Design

It all started at the University of Montana where I went to school for Motion Design and Animation. I fell in love with storytelling, which later served useful in telling client's stories on their website. I started working for Spectral Fusion Designs, a small on-campus shop, as a web designer and part-time mountain bike junkie.

Picture taken from the bridge in Missoula March 2008

Web Design Web Development

After designing a few websites, it was time to learn how to build them. With the combination of Photoshop, HTML and CSS, my brain was satisfied with this magical blend of creative and logic. If both sides of my brain aren't being fed, it gets grumpy. My stomach works the same way.

Learning Rails May 2010

Missoula Salt Lake City

After graduating with a B.A. in Media Arts - Digital Art and Design, it was time to step up my web design (and mountain biking) game and move to Salt Lake City to work for an advertising agency. I worked on internal projects as well as client sites and advertising needs. Everything from car dealerships to home builders. I crafted all sorts of projects: print ads, digital banner ads, landing pages, you name it and I probably work on it, from start to finish. I'll always remember the ratios 250x250, 728x90, and 300x600. (If I could give Flash a black eye, I would.)

Mountains in Montana 2010

For-Profit Non-Profit

I found out about this non-profit called charity: water (they're the Nike of non-profits). I've always believed in using my skills and resources to make an impact, so this small-town Montana girl bought a one-way ticket to New York City and left her mountain bike and Subaru Outback in Montana.

My Subaru Outback with a Kayak on top 2012


I learned more in two years at charity: water and living in New York City than I had from my previous four. My skillset improved ten-fold, and I learned everything about beautiful design, SASS (praise God), coding HTML emails (table in tables in tables in tables), pixel perfection, and high-pressure campaign launches. NYC is filled with the best and brightest in all industries, so you can't live there without constantly improving (and walking alot). Read more about what I learned at charity: water.

Coding on my rooftop apartment in NYC 2013

East Coast West Coast

After experiencing the beautiful weather in France, I thought San Diego would be a good fit. Wanting to stay in the non-profit space, I started working as a front-end developer for an agency called Fifty & Fifty that 'Engages the World in the Worthwhile' and created web experiences for non-profits and other social good companies

Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach California

Non-profits Sports

Looking to solve some new problems, I left front-end dev life in San Diego to take a position as an Interactive Designer at a sports technology company called Hudl. My background in storytelling, design, development and analytics led me to be their Marketing Web Lead where I focused on user experience, conversion flows, web performance and marketing strategies.

Hudl Hoops July 2015

SaaS Ecommerce

I moved back to San Diego in February 2017 to be closer to my (now) husband! My love for user experience drove me to my current position as an Optimization Analyst at an ecommerce agency called Brand Value Accelerator. I work closely with Account Strategists and Designers to make sure clients continue making money by providing a great shopping experience for users and creating testing roadmaps to increase primary KPIs like Conversion Rate and AOV.

Matt Howell February 2017

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